Cyber Attacks, Viruses, Worms, and Hackers – The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

It is superb however cyber crime, hacking, and pc viruses ar within the news and every one of a unexpected everyone seems to be interested and distressed concerning their pc security.Then a spell goes by wherever there’s not a lot of within the media the least bit, and everybody forgets concerning it and becomes lackadaisical. the fact is that a cyber attack will happen at any time, and anyone WHO could be a serious hacker will forced the lock a system if they struggle long enough, and therefore the folks mistreatment the network or the pc IT security does not take it seriously.

This is why we want to air our greatest guard the least bit times to guard our information, computers, IT departments, and government information storage systems. however typically the simplest defense is really having the simplest offense. that’s to mention set traps for the web hackers, watch wherever they’re going, and learn from their infiltration techniques. And in doing therefore, we are able to conjointly set traps that facilitate United States of America track of them.

In SpaceWars on-line News there was a remarkable piece printed on June twenty eight, 2011 titled; “Active self-defence Strategy Best Deterrent Against Cyber-Attacks” by Phil Ciciora (Champaign IL) from the SPX. The article declared within the teaser paragraph; “With the threats of law-breaking, cyberterrorism and cyberwarfare looming over our hyper-connected world, the simplest defense for the U.S. can be an honest offense, says new analysis by a University of Illinois skilled in technology and legal problems.”

Indeed, i might trust the skilled at the University of Illinois, and that i absolutely concur that the us military wants a cyber Defense command. and that i conjointly grasp for a indisputable fact that if our corporation’s IT departments ar broken on a daily basis, nobody can trust e-commerce within the future, and billions if not trillions of greenbacks (in the future) are going to be lost in sales, and it’ll hurt and impact our entire economy. Likewise, we’ve got vital infrastructure in our nation, that should even be protected.

If we do not persist the offense, and solely have a weapons system, eventually it’ll be broken, if not on a daily basis. In different words the hackers can keep making an attempt, and trying, and making an attempt till they finally succeed. And it is a ton like Donald Rumsfeld once said; “the terrorists solely got to be right once, we’ve got to be right all of the time,” and i might say an equivalent factor goes for cyber terrorists, cyber hackers, and people WHO manufacture the viruses, worms, and harmful algorithms that might infect our cloud information centers within the future.

It is time to travel on the offense with black helicopters if we’ve got to, marauding the hacker’s lairs, collection their assets, electronic cash payments, and therefore the people themselves. even as we would Osama terrorist or anyone else that threatens the protection of our major companies, government, military, or our individual voters. AN attack against one, is AN attack against all folks, because it threatens the flow of data, and jeopardizes our economy. Please take into account all this and suppose on that.

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