How To Destroy Data The DOD Way

Unauthorized use of confidential information contained in laptop exhausting drives poses a significant threat that any business or organization could face. notwithstanding what percentage several greenbacks these businesses pay on securing the file once it’s getting used if security measures once the info or magnetic disc reaches its finish life.

When coping with end-of-life information, there square measure variety of security measures you’ll perform to make sure that your information is firmly and for good destroyed. The ways embody exposing the disk into a unsteady magnetic flux, physically destroying the magnetic disc drive, or overwriting the info with 0s and 1s.

The kind of information destruction depends on the danger. the strategy ranges relying within the quite risk of information loss, the cost, and therefore the attainable selling worth of the magnetic disc drive.

One of the foremost economical and effective thanks to sanitize magnetic disc is by following the standards advised by the United States of America Department of Defense.

Digital Sanitation Over Physical magnetic disc Destruction
Digital magnetic disc destruction or additionally referred to as overwriting could be a common and cheaper methodology of secure information destruction while not creating the magnetic disc drive completely useless. It replaces the file with random characters or useless characters just like the 0s and 1s, that the original information can not be recovered.

Overwriting a tough disk is performed by mistreatment package advised by the Department of Defense. additionally to information overwriting, D.o.D suggests that a professional technician ought to try information recovery on random information samples for visual verification.

Can overwritten information be recovered?
It is attainable to recover overwritten information albeit it’s undergone executive department overwriting however the chance slight and therefore the dialogue still exists if the recovered information has meaning data in it.

Magnetic Force Microscopy(MFM) photography is that the most typically cited capable of seeing through overwritten by the United States of America Department of Defense. this system involves gap the magnetic disc drive and so examining the platters with a attraction research. Then it takes a photograph of the results.

With correct instrumentation and experience, information is with success recovered, however the instrumentation is pricey and therefore the method is extraordinarily difficult that one little error may end up to turning a valuable information into a useless file.

However, overwriting isn’t 100% effective, and it’ll not work on broken drives. it’s additionally not applicable for exhausting drives containing classified data.

For such cases, physical magnetic disc destruction is needed. With physical destruction, you’ll got to harm the magnetic disc drive so no information within the medium is retrieved. D.o.D suggests you perform the subsequent methods:


Shredding could be a method during which the disk is place into an outsized shredding machine, therefore it turns into irretrievable items.


Disintegration could be a a lot of extreme live of physically destroy magnetic disc, as hostile standard disk destruction ways. it’s a rotary knife mill that not solely shreds exhausting disks however additionally grinds it till it becomes sand-like.

Hard disk demagnetization

Degaussing could be a method whereby the disk is exposed to a unsteady magnetic flux to reset the disk to a mill state. Older drives undergoing in an exceedingly magnetic disc demagnetization can leave the disk into a mill state as if no file were gift however fashionable drives can get destroyed if it’s degaussed as a result of fashionable drive has servo tracks and it’s gift within the magnetic disc platters. which suggests the servo tracks are affected too once the disk is degaussed.

Effectiveness of those information destruction ways
All disc drive sanitation ways, as well as the package methodology, square measure effective. What prevents these ways from turning into a hit is thru human error. Like, for instance, a drive that had undergone information sanitation however not visually verified, or the info destruction methodology was unsuccessful.

If you have got the correct tools, organized information destruction system, and well trained technicians to try to to information destruction task, any quite information destruction methodology are extremely effective.


Department Of Defense suggests these ways and, therefore, meant to be effective. If you continue to want the disk, proceed with information overwriting methodology, and once it’s broken, do any of the info destruction procedures like demagnetization, shredding, or different harmful ways.

You may have detected of advertisements regarding information destruction, that claims they’re D.O.D certified. the reality is, any information destruction methodology can do as a result of it all depends on the information and therefore the approach the info destruction is performed.

Make sure information will now not be recovered by providing a visible verification of the file like instructing a trained technician to recover information in associate degree overwritten drive or take footage of the destroyed media.

Securing your information before you provide, sell, or throw away your magnetic disc drive is that the smartest thing that you simply will do to forestall information breach and fraud.

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