International Terrorist 911 Style Cyber Attack

A recent report brought forth and given to the Department of Homeland Security talked a few complete web Outage or a; Cyber Katrina. One, that may happen within the event of a colossal class 5 cyclone coming back onto land at Boston or NYC or grazing one and touch the opposite.

The report additionally talked concerning an online Back-Bone attack and therefore the report warned that there would be very little you may do and it might disrupt money markets, exchange, bank method, transportation, Home Land Security and every one businesses would be rendered primarily offline fully.

Depending on the scope of the case the remainder of the routers would be fully bottlenecked and web Traffic would stop in traffic jam. however probable is that this scenario? Enough to scare over enough IT security consultants and agency security specialists over the problems and worse off there’s no real arrange in situ to trot out such a tangle once or if it will occur.

In the event of a cyber attack or cyber disaster it’s not as if you may decision up Federal Emergency Management Agency to the rescue, there’s nobody or agency in situ to repair it and restore, re-route or re-boot such a tangle. The Department of Homeland Security will have a National Cyber Security Division in with seventy million in funding, however they’re not ready for such a issue. think about this in 2006.

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