Is Russia Using Cyber Attacks As Part of Its Military?

It seems that before the separatist nation of Georgia was attacked from air strikes and therefore the Russian military, their laptop networks were hacked. apparently, enough it’s been renowned that a lot of hackers ar based mostly in Russia, however apparently, this hack attack on Georgia was a bit too synchronic for several military observers.

The us military incorporates a cyber command and that they shall make the most of its capabilities to defend our military’s laptop infrastructure from simply such attacks. And in a very war state of affairs maybe, to take advantage of the enemies laptop systems and infiltrate their flow of knowledge,


making a brand new sort of disruption and strategy within the fog of war.

No one ought to be stunned of any of this, it’s a symptom of the long run. Russia’s attack on the Georgia laptop networks ought to return as no surprise to anyone, even though the increase at this point was. is that the us prepared for an enormous cyber attack from an overseas government which will preempt AN actual military attack with guns, planes, ships and armies? Some in terribly high positions say no.


This is therefore, a really chilling thought to ponder. After all, you’ll be able to have the strongest military, economy, network within the world, however if it cannot stand up to a cyber attack, your entire civilization may instantly crumble within the laptop modern era.

We ar cognizant that the United States of America isn’t the sole nation that has patterned this out. different nations like China and Russia are terribly made disrupting or offensive their opponents laptop networks. assume on this.

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