Just Answering A Video Call Could Compromise Your WhatsApp Account latest attack 2018

What if simply receiving a video appeal WhatsApp may hack your smartphone?
This sounds thin, however Google Project Zero security research worker Natalie Silvanovich found a vital vulnerability in WhatsApp courier that would have allowed hackers to remotely take full management of your WhatsApp simply by video occupation you over the electronic messaging app.
The vulnerability may be a memory heap overflow issue that is triggered once a user receives a specially crafted ill-shapen RTP packet via a video decision request, which ends up within the corruption error and bloody the WhatsApp mobile app.
Since the vulnerability have an effect on RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) implementation of Whatsapp, the flaw affects humanoid and iOS apps, however not WhatsApp net that depends on WebRTC for video calls

Silvanovich conjointly printed a proof-of-concept exploit, in conjunction with the directions for reproducing the WhatsApp attack.
Although the proof-of-concept printed by Silvanovich solely triggers memory corruption, another Google Project Zero research worker, Tavis Ormandy, claims that “This may be a huge deal. simply respondent a decision from Associate in Nursing assaulter may utterly compromise WhatsApp.”
In different words, hackers solely would like your telephone number to utterly hijack your WhatsApp account and spy on your secret conversations.


Silvanovich discovered and rumored the vulnerability to the WhatsApp team in August this year. WhatsApp acknowledged and patched the difficulty on Sep twenty eight in its humanoid consumer and on October three in its iPhone consumer.
So if you have got not nonetheless updated your WhatsApp for humanoid or WhatsApp for iOS, you ought to think about upgrading currently.
Two months past, researchers conjointly discovered a flaw within the manner WhatsApp mobile app connects with WhatsApp net that allowed malicious users to intercept and modify the content of messages sent in each non-public still as cluster conversations.
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