Uber fined $1.1 million by UK Today New’s 2018 Data Breach

British and Dutch data protection regulators Tuesday hit the ride-sharing company Uber with a total fine of $1,170,892 (~ 1.1 million) for failing to protect its customers’ personal information during a 2016 cyber attack involving millions of users. Late last year, Uber unveiled that the company had suffered a massive data breach in October 2016, exposing names, […]


Fox News Host Tomi Lahren Enjoys Watching Migrant Children Being Hit With Tear Gas latest news today

Deplorable: Fox News host Tomi Lahren reports that watching migrant children being hit with tear gas was “the highlight” of her Thanksgiving weekend. In a mean-spirited tweet Trump-loving white supremacist and Fox News host Tomi Lahren celebrated the tear gassing of migrant children over the holiday weekend. Responding to a tweet from actor and activist […]